CoolTeck® Breathable Surface

10 times more permeable than regular knit fabrics.

CoolTeck® is our highly breathable, cushioned, multi-faceted fabric, used in the FUÜM mattress

Unlike regular, 2D fabrics, CoolTeck® uses two separate fabrics, joined by micro-filament yarn, to create a breathable, 3D “micro-climate” between layers.

Heat and vapor leave the body naturally, moving to this highly permeable layer. The cool air provided by this natural ventilation pushes out the heat and vapor, providing better temperature control and maximum air circulation.

CoolTeck® ’s soft cushion nature reduces force, making it ideal for surfaces of pro-longed rest as it's lighter and breathes better than traditional mattresses.

Afkøle Comfort Layer

Mattress Sizes

Single: 90 x 190cm

EU Single: 90 x 200cm

Petit Double: 100 x 190cm

Small Double: 120 x 190cm

Double: 135 x 190cm

EU Double: 140 200cm

King: 150 x 200cm

EU King: 160 x 200cm

Super King: 180 x 200cm