Hygge: Try the Danish Method to be Happy… and Sleep Better!

May 31, 2019

Hygge: Try the Danish Method to be Happy… and Sleep Better!

Did you know that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world? In fact, in 2019, it came second only to Finland on the world happiness scale with the UK trailing behind in a somewhat embarrassing 15th place. So what exactly are the Danes doing differently to us to make them so cheerful? Well, it could be due to one thing: hygge.

What is ‘Hygge’?

Hygge is the term used to describe the Danish art of cosiness… something that we don’t really have here in the UK (and we certainly don’t have a word for it!). It’s based on the idea that we’re at our happiest when we’re comfortable, warm, snug, safe, and all cuddled up. The Danes have excelled at making themselves cosy, especially at night.

Why is night time so important for people practicing hygge? Because the Danes believe that being cosy can help you to sleep better, and a good night’s sleep is key to feeling better, working better, eating better, and generally living a more contented lifestyle. So how can we begin practicing hygge at home to enjoy a peaceful rest?

Hygge-Based Tips for a Better Sleep

Here are some great ways to incorporate the concept of Hygge into your life:

  • Rethink Your Mattress

Your mattress is what your body rests on all night long, so if your mattress isn’t cosy then all your other hygge efforts will be in vain! Choosing a comfortable, cosy mattress that makes you feel safe, secure, and snug really is the starting point to a hygge lifestyle.

  • Create the Right Atmosphere

Minimalist chic is all the rage right now, but this idea of contemporary scarcity isn’t really in keeping with the foundations of hygge. Instead, try to make your bedroom space a little more warm and atmospheric with dim lights, throw pillows, decor and candles.

  • Say ‘No’ to Screens

Even with a beautifully atmospheric bedroom, the feeling of hygge can be lost by blaring televisions and bright phone screens. Try to make your bedroom a technology-free zone, instead choosing ‘back to basics’ entertainments like books.

  • Enjoy a Nightcap

There’s nothing more cosy than enjoying a warm milk beverage just before bed (or even a cheeky hot toddy if that floats your boat!), so hot drinks are definitely encouraged when practising hygge. Hot chocolate and herbal teas work wonders.


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