5 Ways to Get a Brilliant Night’s Sleep in Warm Weather

May 28, 2019

5 Ways to Get a Brilliant Night’s Sleep in Warm Weather

As the warm weather begins to set in, our sleep cycle starts to take a turn for the worse. When the room is hot and stuffy, the body tries to do everything it can to keep cool, including sweating, kicking off the covers, and tossing and turning to try and find a more comfortable, cooler position. Of course, none of this helps us to sleep soundly!

So how can we get a better rest during the summer?

  1. Choose the right mattress

Could your mattress be making you too warm at night? Absolutely. Many mattresses aren’t designed to ‘breathe’; they simply trap warm air between your body and the top layer, making you feel hot and sweaty. Try swapping out your old mattress for one with a breathable airflow layer, like the FUUM mattress. Our award-winning mattress has a permeable surface that allows warm air to escape so you’re not lying in a hot air pocket all night.

  1. Take a cool shower

One of the reasons why we tend to get so warm at night is because we’re hitting the sack while we’re still energised and on-the-go; the body is already hot, and getting under the covers isn’t helping us to cool down. Try taking a cool shower before bed, reducing your body’s temperature to a more comfortable level. Don’t worry if you’re a little chilly afterwards; your body will start to warm up slightly as you climb into bed.

  1. Keep your room well ventilated

Many of us like to sleep in silence, which means we tend to prefer our doors and windows to be closed at night. While this is fine in winter, in summer it traps the hot air in the bedroom, with nowhere for it to escape. Try keeping your bedroom door open to improve airflow and, if you really don’t want to open your window, see if there is a vent option. Pedestal fans can also be beneficial for encouraging airflow around the room.

  1. Use lightweight bedding

While big thick blankets may be cosy, they’re not always the best option for the hot summer months, especially if you’re craving a good night’s rest. Steer clear of synthetic materials when choosing your bedding (although they are good for absorbing sweat, they’re not great at helping you to stay cool), and instead look for natural, breathable fabrics. Cotton sheets are a good option, but you can also buy bamboo and linen, too.

  1. Buy cooling pillows

Did you know that you can actually buy pillows that work to cool you down during the night? These clever little pillows contain a layer of cooling gel in the middle; the same sort of stuff that’s in the cooling pads that take away high temperatures in kids. It works by absorbing the heat from your body and trapping it inside, leaving you feeling much more comfortable. These pillows are also breathable, helping hot air to escape.

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