3 Warning Signs Your Old Mattress Needs Replacing

June 10, 2019

3 Warning Signs Your Old Mattress Needs Replacing

According to the Better Sleep Council, mattresses should be replaced every 7 - 10 years. It’s typically around this time that the integrity of a mattress starts to become compromised, meaning it offers less support and could spark aches and pains in the body. But if your mattress is less than 7 years old it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s still in top condition. In fact, even newer mattresses may need to be replaced sometimes.


  • You’re a deep sleeper: If you don’t move around much at night (lucky you!), your body is putting pressure continually on one highly concentrated spot, rather than distributing pressure more evenly over the mattress as you move about.
  • You’re not big on cleaning: Mattresses really do need a bit of TLC to keep them in top condition; they should be flipped, turned, aired, and cleaned regularly. If you’re not able to do this often, your mattress may not last as long as it should.
  • You’ve got active kids: There are few things children like more than to jump and perform gymnastics on the bed! If your kids are constantly bouncing about, this could significantly damage the springs and reduce the lifespan of your mattress.
  • You’ve got cheeky pets: Pets often love to cuddle up on the bed, but their sharp claws can damage the mattress, especially if they tend to scratch at materials. And don’t forget that any accidents can also soak right into the mattress fabric.

So it’s best to use the 7 - 10 years advice as more of a guideline than a rule. The best way to know if it’s time to change your mattress is simply to look at it, and think about how it feels to sleep on. Here are three common warning signs you’re due for a change:

 It’s Sagging

One of the biggest physical signs that a mattress needs replacing is sagging at either the sides or in the middle. Sagging means that the mattress may not be supporting your body as much as it needs, and could force you into a position that’s bad for posture.

It’s Stained

Another physical sign is staining. This doesn’t have to be through spillages or accidents; simply drooling or sweating in the night can create stains. Although a few stains are normal, when these marks start to build up, it’s a good idea to get a new mattress.

You’re Tired

There doesn’t always have to be a physical sign that you need a new mattress. Waking up tired, or with aches and pains, could be a sign that your mattress isn’t supporting you properly, and that it’s not allowing you to have the good night’s sleep you really need.

 Changing Your Mattress

 Don’t be sad! While waving goodbye to an old mattress can be emotional (especially if you’ve spent every night with it for the past 10 years!), use this as an opportunity to do something great for you. Think about what you didn’t like about your old mattress, or why it didn’t quite last as long as you expected it to, and look for a new one that addresses these problems, like the FUUM mattress which is specially designed to last.

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