3 Reasons Your Old Mattress is Giving You a Bad Back

May 22, 2019

3 Reasons Your Old Mattress is Giving You a Bad Back

Do you ever feel like you’re waking up achier than you were before going to bed? Most of us feel like that sometimes, and we typically chalk it up to just having ‘one of those nights’. But maybe it’s more than that… and if it is, it’s time to do something about it. Waking up with a bad back isn’t something you just have to live with… you can fix it!

Finding the Underlying Issue

Sure, some aches and pains may be related to a medical condition, or perhaps you’ve walked (or even run!) a marathon in the last few days. But most commonly, a bad back upon waking isn’t because of your health or fitness level… it’s because of your mattress.

Believe it or not, your mattress could be the underlying cause of all your aches and pains. This simple piece of furniture that we rely on to keep us comfortable through the night could actually be doing us more harm than good. How? By causing damage to the body.

Here are 3 common reasons why your old mattress is giving you a bad back:

  1. It’s lost its firmness

Soft, firm, or medium-firm... one thing that all old mattresses have in common is that they’ll lose some of their firmness over time. If you’re a ‘back sleeper’ especially, this isn’t great as your back will begin to sink further into the mattress than intended, wreaking havoc on your posture. With poor posture, your back pain could become worse, so replacing your mattress with a firmer, more supportive option could be the answer.

  1. The springs are sagging

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing between older style springs and newer style memory foam, but if your mattress does have springs it’s important to remember that they won’t last forever; they’ll eventually begin to sag and become out of place… and may even start to poke through the mattress (ouch!). Sagging springs aren’t able to fully support the back, which could be the root cause of your back pain.

  1. It doesn’t account for natural curvature

If your mattress is very old, it’s possible it was designed using outdated techniques. It’s hard to believe that early mattresses were built to be completely flat, despite the fact that the human body naturally curves, especially around the spine area. Fortunately, new mattresses are made to support the body’s natural curves and help to maintain excellent alignment of the spine, leaving you feeling much more ‘you’ in the mornings.

What to Look For in a New Mattress

If you think it’s time to replace your old mattress, then look for a new one which provides all round support for your body. Responsive memory foam is an excellent option, as this material adapts to your body’s natural shape to support your back, hips, and shoulders, and provides relief for pressure points. Remember that it’s easier to prevent back pain than it is to heal it, so even if you’re not particularly achy in the mornings, if your mattress is more than 8 years old it could be time to replace it with a new FUÜM mattress.  

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