13 February 2017

The Language of sleep

A great night’s sleep is good for your mind and body, setting you up for the day ahead. But as a nation, we’re not getting enough. At FUUM we’re on a mission to help you enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life – it’s the language of sleep.

Margaret Thatcher may famously have survived on four hours a night, but the average for us mere mortals is 6 hours 35 minutes.

In their Great British Sleep report, the Sleep Council found that sleepers in the UK are struggling, with 22% of those interviewed claiming that they slept badly, and just 7% of us enjoy the hallowed 8 hours of sleep every night.

So what’s causing this worrying lack of sleep?

Technology, stress and financial problems are all issues that can keep us awake at night, but the most important is the fact that our beds just aren’t comfortable enough.

The report tells us what we already know: that the key to a great night’s sleep is in creating the perfect environment to relax. At FUUM, we call it your sleep sanctuary – and at the heart of it is your mattress.

Over a quarter of those questioned in the report believed that they could enjoy a better nights sleep by changing their mattress.

Across the pond, it’s a similar situation. According to the National Sleep Foundation in America, 93% believe a better mattress is the key to a better night’s sleep.

Technology never sleeps, particularly in the world of memory foam. When we created FUUM we wanted to build a mattress that would give you the best night’s sleep of your life. Night after night.

Our unique combination of memory foam layers combine with our breathable top layer to give you the ultimate in sleep perfection.

Almost a quarter of all of those surveyed complained that their partner moving around had caused them to wake up.  It may be because we still prefer a double mattress (48% of couples) to a King Size (31%), but it’s more likely to be our old mattresses.

At FUUM we wanted to build a mattress that supports you – whether you sleep alone, or share your bed with a partner. Our memory foam isolates the sleeper, ensuring you enjoy unbroken sleep even if you’re partner is a mover and a shaker.

A new mattress could be the best money you ever spend, but the report shows that we’re not willing to invest – with 14% of Britons owning the same bed and mattress for over a decade.

That’s why at FUUM we offer various ways for you to own one of our mattresses. We’re democratising sleep – making it available to everyone.  

A great night’s sleep is a feeling you can’t translate, but here is how you can say the magic word (sleep, obviously) in pretty much any language you can think of. 

Albanian gjumë - Basque loa - Belarusian сон - Bosnian san - Bulgarian сън - Catalan somni - Croatian san - Czech spánek - Danish søvn - Dutch slaap - Estonian uni - Finnish uni - French dormir - Galician sono - German Schlaf - Greek ύπνος - Hungarian alvás - Icelandic svefn - Irish codlata - Italian dormire - Latvian miegs - Lithuanian miegas - Macedonian сон - Maltese irqad - Norwegian søvn - Polish sen - Portuguese dorme - Romanian somn - Russian спать - Serbian сан - Slovak spánok - Slovenian spanje - Spanish dormir - Swedish sova - Ukrainian сон - Welsh cysgu - Yiddish שלאָפן

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