Be inspired


Be inspired

We've travelled the world many times over and this is what we've concluded. Creating and designing a mattress based on the Danish concept of Hygge, and the lightness and structure of Japanese Ukiyo, gives you the perfect sleep. We also know that sleep is a feeling you can’t translate.

Ukiyo suggests a space away from everyday concerns. About the state of waking and feeling refreshed. The outcome of a night on a memory foam mattress where organic forms meet geometry, as the body meets the rectilinear shape of the mattress.

Influenced by the warmth of Hygge, it turns the bedroom into a sanctuary, a space for relaxation and leisure where creating intimacy and a hint of eroticism is inspired by evening, twilight and candles. We can’t tell you how great this feels, you’ll need to experience it for yourself. Once you do, you’ll speak the language of sleep like we do.

Our innovative approach

Our innovative approach to business is democratising sleep. We offer a comprehensive, no hassle 10-year guarantee. We even give you 100 nights to fall in love with our mattress. If you don’t, we’ll give you your money back.

Every FUÜM mattress is designed and manufactured in the UK. We personally quality assure everything, knowing that if we’re happy, you will be too. Owning an amazing mattress shouldn’t be tiring. We offer multiple ways to pay including a simple and fair finance package that makes luxury affordable.

Choose FUÜM, because life’s too short for bad sleep.

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